Whether producing a podcast, delivering an online presentation, or creating media for a unique company training need, having an employee with strong multi-media production skills can help ensure that the finished product will be precisely tailored to your organization’s needs and will deliver the expected results. 

Short Audio Documentary Example

The documentary production skills of interviewing, photography, videography, audio recording, writing, and editing are vitally important for designing and delivering effective and engaging learning media. 

Following is a short audio documentary I produced that showcases multi-media production skills. This piece was used as an artist’s statement in a gallery art show called Phone It In

Making of a Mobile Artist

Meri Aaron Walker, iPhoneArtGirl

Photographer/ teacher/ consultant Meri Walker chose the moniker iPhoneArtGirl to express how the iPhone and iPad have sparked her creative life. Meri is proud to say that her physical body may be over 60, but her creative parts are 10 again since discovering mobile art. In this interview, Meri describes what ignited her passion for mobile art, shares a little about her traveling mobile art show called Phone It In, and invites other mobile artists to connect. 
Listen to the interview (opens a new tab)
See more of Meri’s Work.

Podcast/Screencast Example

This is the pilot episode of Idaho Birder, a podcast/screencast featuring birders and photographers from the Idaho Birding Facebook group. The pilot profiles Steve Bly, a Boise-based travel and wildlife photographer. Steve discusses how birding and wildlife photography have aided him in healing from a life-threatening illness that he contracted while on a photo assignment in Costa Rica. Steve also shares a couple of his favorite Idaho birding spots. 

This pilot show was hosted and produced by Tom Carroll.